Will You Celebrate a Win at Light Speed Slots?

If this looks like a standard online three-reeler game, think again. Light Speed may just have a couple tricks up its sleeve, and there is every chance you could end up seeing some impressive wins as a result.

However, before you decide to play this futuristic slot game featuring aliens and ray guns, make sure you check out the details below.

What’s the situation with reels and paylines?

There are three reels here, as we mentioned earlier, and you only get a single payline to bet on. This keeps things nice and simple.

Does Light Speed allow decent bet amounts?

It’s sometimes nice not to have to choose between bet amounts, and that could be why RTG has only given you a 25-cent bet here. You can however include one, two or the full three coins on that payline, giving you a 75-cent max bet.

Are there special symbols to try and get on the reels?

The little robot will substitute for everything else apart from the Light Speed logo-style symbol.

The Light Speed symbol doesn’t appear on the pay table, but don’t be fooled – it can still come in useful. Whenever it appears, the Light Speed meter will go up one bar. If you get more, it goes up further… until you get a winning combination. When this happens, it will be multiplied by the position the Light Speed meter is at. This could mean a maximum multiplier of 7x for that prize. It then drops back down to the beginning again.

Does the game have a bonus round?

No… but it does have a progressive jackpot. Are you interested? Here’s what you need to do to trigger it. You need to get the Light Speed meter all the way up to the top first. When this is in place, you then need to hit three ray guns on the payline to trigger the progressive jackpot. This can be a minimum of $700 if it has just been won by someone else, so you are always guaranteed a good win if you are the lucky one to get it.

Download and play Light Speed online now!

Light Speed packs in a heck of a lot considering it is but a small three-reel game. Focus your eyes on that payline to see if you can get the best combinations in play and win the biggest prizes.