Ninja Star Slots

Ninja Stars is an online ninja-themed slot game that’s vibrant, colorful and full of ninja-esque symbols. There are ninjas, ninja stars, dojos and many other cool symbols that fit the theme of this game. On top of all the cool symbols, you also get a good collection of bonuses in this online slot game, and that’s the thing that intrigues most players when they try out the game.

Ninja Betting

As a ninja in training it’s up to you to place the right bet to keep you spinning those reels for long enough to win big on the slot machine. The trick is finding a balance between betting big and betting small enough to keep playing for an extended time. That’s why we are so pleased with the range of options available from Ninja Star Slots. This slot game offers a total of 25 paylines to bet on, and you can risk between $.01 and $5.00 on each one. That gives you a range of between $.01 and $125 per spin to work with.

Free Spins

Ninja Star offers a free spin round as well. To unlock free spins you just need to get three or more ninja star symbols. Once you do that you’ll get 8 free spins with triple prize payouts. That’s huge for players trying to get as much as possible from the game. It’s possible to re-trigger free spins during the round as well with a bit of luck with additional scatter symbols.

Ninja Scroll Bonus

Lucky players have a chance to unlock the Ninja Scroll bonus with every spin of the reels of this slot game. The bonus is unlocked from three or more of the logo for the game appears on the same payline. The moment that they do, players have a series of options to choose from. Pick the one that you think gives you the best chance of success and go ahead with it from there. You’ll either win a nice reward that makes a huge difference in your game, or you’ll win something minor.

Double the Progressive Jackpots

While many of the slots out there today have just a single progressive jackpot, or none at all, Ninja Star offers two different progressive jackpots. These are minor and major jackpots. Each of these has a chance to randomly trigger for you, and when they do you’ll be rewarded with some cash. These jackpots are simple to win if you are lucky enough and there is nothing that you really have to do in order to unlock them.

Ninja Star slot is nice looking, it’s feature-rich and it offers a decent top jackpot. All these things are what make it a fun game to play. With that said, there are some people out there that just won’t like the game no matter how many good things we have to say about it. That’s why the only right answer is the one you decide for yourself. Try out the slot and make a decision.