Ocean Oddities Slots

Ocean Oddities is a cool online slot game that has an underwater theme and features creatures like sharks and seahorses. The slot game looks a bit dated, and has a fun cartoon vibe, but it does pack in good solid features that are worth exploring a bit more. Give the game a look and you'll quickly see that there is more than meets the eye in Ocean Oddities.

Bets are Limited

One are that we weren't particularly impressed with was the betting options available. While low-stakes players will have no issue with a range of between $.01 and $25.00, high stakes players will likely be disappointed. If you like to bet more than $25 in a single spin, this game really isn't for you. The reason the top bet is so limited is because coin values can't be any higher than $


Just to make things a bit more interesting Ocean Oddities throws in progressive jackpots to the mix as well. With the jackpots in place it's possible to win both a small and large jackpot at random while playing the game. These jackpots will come at unexpected times and there is really no way to trigger them. Lucky players could end up winning the Minor or Major jackpots while playing through this slot game.

Special Free Spins

The free spins round in Ocean Oddities is activated by getting three or more of the pearl symbols. Once activated you get 10 spins that won't cost you anything at all. This isn't the most exciting part of the free spins though. The real nice feature is that during these rounds the wild shark serves as a multiplier that can lead to the highest payouts in the game. The shark will double any prize that it's part of, and additional sharks will double that already doubled prize again and again. This means you can effectively get a 16x multiplier on a symbol with four sharks.

The biggest fixed jackpot in normal gameplay is 2,500 coins offered by the king fish symbol, but that becomes immensely more valuable with a worth of up to 40,000 coins when combined with four of the wild symbols in the free spin round. That's worth up to $40,000 which is more than most players would ever expect to get from this slot.

Ocean Oddities has a cutesy look to it, and is pretty fun to play, and that alone is enough to get our recommendation. This slot game also offers a pretty solid payout, though the maximum bet amount is pretty limited compared to other video slots that you'll find today.