Orc vs Elf Slots

Orcs and elves are natural enemies to one another and are well-known to battle it out. That's what makes this fantasy-themed slot game so perfect. It pits too serious enemies against one another creating an exciting clashing environment that's a joy to play through. Just a look at this slot gives us a Lord of the Rings vibe, but decent graphics don't make a good slot all on their own. Let's dig into the features that Orc vs Elf offers to decide if it's a quality slot or not.

Choosing a Side

Most standard slot games start players off with choosing their bet amount, not this one. It's up to you to choose whether you want to be an orc or an elf right when you begin playing. You can only choose one of these sides, so think long and hard about the game that you want to experience and where your allegiance lies!

Feature Paths

This slot game implements feature paths or a set of free spin bonus rounds that progressively get better and better. This is an exciting feature that gives players more choice about how they want to play the slot game. Players that get three or more of their corresponding shield symbols will be able to trigger a free spin feature if they like. The free spin feature gives either five free spins with doubled darkling symbol payouts for Orcs, or six free spins for Elves. This is just the base level of the free spin game though. Players can choose to skip over the base game and this is where things get a bit more interesting.

By skipping the base game, players go back to the normal game and have the chance to work toward higher free spin game features instead. Each time they get three or more of the appropriate shield symbols, players will move up to the next level of the free spin mode. There are seven different levels altogether, and each one gives a more powerful upgrade than the last. It's up to you to decide whether to take the base bonus or to keep playing for more powerful bonus levels instead.

Battle Bonus Round

This slot is all about original features and combat between Elves and Orcs. The Battle Bonus round is triggered by three or more battle bonus symbols and it triggers a battle between your character and the other on the slot. If your character wins you get to play the base free spin game for your character type, if you lose you get a consolation game where you receive a random multiple of your original bet amount up to 10x.

Orc Vs Elf is a unique slot game to say the least, and that's what makes it worthwhile to play. It's not renowned for paying out massive jackpots, but does have a pretty cool set of features that keeps players with plenty of choices to make from start to finish. With all the different features in place on this slot game, it's easy to be entertained by this slot, and that's exactly why it's worth playing as well.