The Shaaark! Slots

The Shark is an ocean themed slot game that focuses on the wildlife that you’ll see below the surface in your average sea environment. There are clams, seahorses, sharks, treasure chests and the occasional octopus to look out for as you spin the reels. This slot is different than many other video slots that you’ll see today, and that will excite some players while keeping others from every trying it out. Read on to learn what that difference is and whether this slot is the right one for you.

Low Betting Game

The Shark is a low stakes gambling game that’s designed to appeal to all the players out there that don’t want to risk a bunch of cash on spins of a slot machine. The minimum bet on this slot is a mere penny, but the maximum is what’s most interesting, it sits at a paltry $0.45 per spin. To unlock this top bet you need to get all 9 paylines in play and bet a nickel on each and every one of them. Do that and you’ll be risking the maximum that this slot lets you. It’s not going to appeal to high stakes gamblers, but it’s a lot of fun for the casual low stakes players.

Simple Gameplay

The Shark is all about simplicity and this really works for the slot game. While other video slots are trying to make things as complicated as possible to keep the games interesting, this one keeps things very straightforward. Gamblers looking for a decent looking slot game to play through that isn’t very difficult are sure to like what The Shark has to offer.

Decent Wins

The Shark isn’t a slot game designed to make players rich, but it does off some halfway decent wins to players. It’s possible to win up to 1225 coins from the Seahorse symbol, or as much as 2,700 coins through the special bonus game that’s offered by the slot. Either way, you can easily increase your bankroll with this slot game if you get a bit lucky as you play.

Super Jackpot

The Shark is very much a progressive slot, meaning that most of the cash you can win from this online slot game comes from the huge progressive jackpot. It climbs to be tens of thousands of dollars and sits above $40,000 at the time of this review. That’s a whole lot of cash for players and they don’t even have to bet big in order to unlock it. That makes The Shark an even more desirable game for all the low stakes players out there that still want a chance to win big from a video slot machine.

Unlock the Bonus Game

The Shark offers a pretty simplistic bonus game that’s pretty much the bet feature on other slots. Get three or more shark symbols and the game will begin. To play you guess whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the current card. You can keep playing through up to three rounds. The maximum you can win through this round is 2,700 coins, which isn’t too bad if you manage to guess all three cards properly.

The Shark gets a thumbs up from us for the excellent progressive jackpot, but it may or may not be the right slot for you depending on how much you like to bet during standard rounds of gambling. Still, it’s one of the cheapest slots that lets you win tens of thousands of dollars with enough luck.