IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 is a nuclear reactor, it is hot and it is active which happens to be a very good thing for any player that tries out this game for fun or real money. There are just five reels and one payline in this very special slots game that sees players opening doors in order to earn payouts. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin and hope to hit the highest paying yellow nuclear hazard symbol. With a three coin bet the player can earn 1000 coins, with a two coin bet the player earns 600 coins and with a single coin bet the player earns 300 coins.

The Nuclear Bonus

There is a special bonus game in this nuclear slots that starts with the start of the game. A laser randomly shoots light across seven doors and the player has to guess which doors will be opened by the laser, every correct guess will give the player more multiplying payouts of between 2x up to 10x and with five of the radiation symbols appearing and the correct doors open the player can win the random progressive jackpot. This game definitely needs to be tried out in advance of the player placing real money bets in order to understand how it works and get the idea of the radiating energy that it offers.