Shopping Spree 2 Slots

Shopping Spree II is the sequel to a very popular older slot game that still gets millions of players turning the reels each and every year. The slot game is exciting to play and it packs a punch with its new features and graphics available. Gamblers that are looking for an upgraded experience that they’ve come to know so well will likely enjoy this slot game, but there are some differences besides for graphics that gamblers should take note of. Keep reading to find out what they are and what this slot offers.

A Fixed Bet

Shopping Spree 2 is a modern-day video slot game with a fixed bet. Each time you spin the reels you’ll have no choice but to wager $2.25. That’s an amount that is too large for some gamblers, but many will find it comfortable to play with, and pretty nice for the total prize value that’s available from this slot game.

Sales Tag Wild

The Sales Tag wild symbol is very powerful and the key to getting the biggest wins from this online slot game. The wild is a powerful 20x multiplier that can transform a pretty standard win into something spectacular. To show just how good the wild is, you’ll enjoy 2,500 credits for five shopping lady symbols, and a whopping 50,000 credits for four shopping ladies along with the Sales Tag wild. That’s a massive difference in payout amounts and the wild can easily transform your win into something life-changing.

The Shopping Spree Bonus Game

The Shopping Spree bonus game is one of the most lucrative features of this slot game. To unlock it you simply need to get three or more of the scatter symbols. Do that and you’ll be taken to the bonus round where you’ll enjoy free spins that can deliver 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 credit prizes. Not only will you get those nice prizes throughout the rounds, but you also have a chance to unlock some special free spins at the end.

For every 1,000 credits that you get during the free spin rounds, you’ll get 3 bonus spins where the third reel of the slot is completely covered with Sales Tag wild symbols. These rounds give you a very good chance at unlocking some massive 20x prize wins, and it’s the easiest way for you to unlock the maximum 50,000 credit jackpot bonus as well.

As the successor to the popular Shopping Spree slot game we expected this game to be very enjoyable and worth at least a single playthrough, and we weren’t disappointed one bit. Sure the maximum jackpot might not seem as exciting as the $100,000 prize payout or the massive shopping spree offered to players of the original game, but it’s still a solid win and nearly as lucrative as well. This modern-day sequel to the original slot game looks nicer, offers better sounds and is just more enjoyable to play overall, which is why we recommend you play it if you enjoyed the first one at all.