Mice Dice Slots

Get right into the glitz and glam of Vegas with Mice Dice slots. It's designed to have a flashy gambling appearance to it, and features a range of gem encrusted card symbols as well as the gambling mouse dealer and a select set of unique symbols as well. The game looks nice, and packs in the features, but are they worth enough to make this slot a good pick. That's what we decided to find out. Read on to see our findings.

Choosing a Bet

In Mice Dice there are plenty of bet levels to select from. As a player at this slot it's up to you to select between 1 and 25 paylines to bet on. On top of that, there's also the decision to make concerning coin values. Choose between a minimum value of $.01 and a maximum value of $5.00. With all the paylines in play and a maximum coin value it's possible to risk up to $125.00 which is pretty remarkable since only one cent needs to be risked to spin the reels of Mice Dice.

Wild Free Spins

Scatters usually determine free spins, but not in Mice Dice slots. To unlock free spins in this game just get a wild on reels one and two. The total number of spins awarded varies depending on the number of wilds lined up on the same line, and it's possible to get many spins from this bonus.

Cash in on the Jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots in Mice Dice and they're both random. Play any way that you like and there's a chance that either the minor or the major jackpot will be paid out after your turn. The minor is hundreds of dollars and the major is over $1,000.


Sometimes you don't win big off of a free spins round like you expect you will. That's disappointing to say the least, but don't get too disappointed while playing Mice Dice. Not winning big isn't a bad thing in this instance, because the Win-Win feature will trigger. This feature gives you a random reward if you don't win enough from the free spin round. It's possible to win as much as 100x the bet amount, creating some pretty big wins for a losing round.

Mice Dice is bright and flashy, but it's a pretty standard slot game overall. It focuses on offering many smaller winning opportunities to players, though it's possible to win big during the free spin rounds of the game. Players that like nice graphics and lots of action will be right at home with this slot.