Naughty or Nice? Slots

Naughty or Nice slots is a well-known online video slot that features two lingerie-clad beauties that show up on the reels again and again. The whole point of the slot is to choose between one woman or the other, but what really ends up happening is that you get to look at both while you try to win big at the game. It's a nice game to look at, but you'll have to keep reading to find out if the features match the looks.

Small Bets

Small bets are the only bets in Naughty or Nice. That doesn't mean that there isn't variety to work with though. There's a decent amount of variety in this slot game for you to enjoy. Just pick from $.01 to $.25 per coin in this slot and you can easily set a range of bets over the 50 different paylines in this slot. Choose to risk anywhere from $0.01 to $12.50 when you place bets on the reels of this slot depending on what level of risk you want to accept.

The Biggest Payout

While playing this online slot game there's always a chance that you can initiate a top jackpot. This top payout comes from five Santa Symbols. Get them on an active payline and you'll get 10,000 coins. That's as much as $2,500 when you have a top bet in place, which is more than enough to get excited about for such an affordable slot game.

Cool Progressive Jackpot

One feature that most players enjoy about Naughty or Nice is the progressive jackpot. With it you can easily win hundreds or thousands of dollars without doing anything special at all. The trigger goes off randomly and leaves you with a bunch of cash to enjoy. The jackpot amount is listed on the slot game itself and that amount grows over time until the payout is given to one person individually. It's exciting because it doesn't matter how much you are betting when you win, you'll always win big.

Free Spins

Like many other top online slot games today, this one comes with free spins that can be unlocked. To do so, get three or more scatter symbols. Once you have enough scatters on the reels, you get to choose whether you want to go with the Naughty girl or the nice girl. The one you choose will serve as the wild throughout the free spin rounds and you'll be looking for that particular girl throughout the free spins.

Naughty or Nice is the perfect slot for gamblers that want to look at beautiful women while they spin the reels. On top of the attractive women, the game is also a way to celebrate the holiday season and to get into the spirit.