The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom Slots

The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom is a unique slot game based off of the hit comedians the Three Stooges. The game itself is dark with unique symbols that go with the theme nicely. You'll see flowers, each of the stooges, the certificate of marriage, stacks of cash, suitcases, champagne and more that all has to do with getting married. The slow packs in a lot of character, but that alone doesn't create a good slot. Read our review to learn what this game offers so you can decide if it's the game for you or not.

Setting the Reels

There's an autoplay feature as well as a speed feature on this Three Stooges slot game. You can set the game to turn through spin after spin for any particular number that you decide on automatically with autoplay. With the speed feature you can turn the speed of the slot turns up or down to meet your specific needs nicely.


Oddly enough this slot game has a total of 33 paylines and they're all active at all times throughout play. Since bets must always be placed on every one of these reels the minimum bet is $0.33 and the maximum is $8.25. This is a pretty small betting range, but one that most low-stakes players won't mind working within.

Win Big With Grouped Wilds

The Three Stooges symbol serves as the wild of this slot game and they also unlock the biggest payout available in the game. Get five of them and you'll be awarded with a top payout of up to $3,333. That's what you'll get when betting the maximum amount, and that's a decent bit of cash to pocket. Of course there are plenty of other ways to win this slot as well, and the wilds will help you complete other prizes as well. The wilds come grouped, so it's rare to see just one.

Unlock Bonus Rounds

The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom slot game can trigger some pretty interesting bonus rounds, but only if you have the luck to unlock them. A re-spin is triggered every time there's a Stooge wild symbol on the center reel. When the symbol shows up on the first, middle and last reels you'll unlock the bonus games. Make the right choices during the Stooge pick feature and you could walk away with some very nice prizes indeed.

There's something very cool about this slot game that makes it stand out nicely. Give it a try for the novelty of the game, especially if you are a Three Stooges fan. The payouts aren't huge, but you don't have to bet much to unlock them, so it's still a good game in our book.