777 Slots

777 Slot is a unique online slot game that has you spin reels and try to unlock cash prizes with the biggest payouts. That all probably sounds pretty basic, but things get interesting when you take a look at the Hold feature. After each spin, you have the option of holding certain reels in position for the next spin. Hold one or more reels with high-value symbols and re-spin to try and win big. The feature gives you more control over the slot game and lets you try to win big with more precision than other slot games allow.

Released by Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is one of the most well-known online casino game providers around today, and is behind the creation of 777 Slot. Realtime Gaming is known for creating high-quality slot games that offer exciting new features and nice-looking symbols as well. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the slot game is impressive to look at and to play. The game features a good mix of features and it does it all while looking nice at the same time as well.

Try it For Free

There are plenty of exciting new slot games that look better than they really are, then you’re disappointed after testing them out. With 777 Slot it’s possible to test the game out for free before ever playing for real money. Simply visit a casino that offers the game, and click on the slot game to load it up in Demo mode. When in this mode the slot will run as normal, but won’t ask for any real money to play. Instead, gamblers will be tasked with just spinning the reels and playing for play money.

A Classic Slot Theme

777 is themed after the older classic slot games that most players are probably familiar with. There are BAR symbols, red 7’s and special specific game symbols that can lead to some nice prize payouts. There are very few symbols on this slot, which means that gamblers have many different opportunities to win and they only have a few different symbols to watch out for while spinning the reels.

Design for Easy Gambling

The whole design of this slot is to make it as easy and simple as possible. That’s why there are limited buttons, the pay table is on the side of the screen and you have very few extras to worry about. The slot tosses in one special feature, the hold feature, to make things interesting without making them difficult to understand. Most players will be able to figure out how the feature works within moments, and then they can start wagering seriously and trying for the big win.

A Modern Classic Slot Game

From the second that you start looking at 777 casino it’s clear that the slot game is meant to be a classic. It is set up with three reels and designed with most of the features that you would expect to see on a classic slot game. There is even a simple playline that offers pretty basic prize payouts. Therei s one feature that makes this into a more modern game and something that most gamblers will want to test out. That’s the Hold feature. Being able to lock certain reels into position before spinning makes the slot more interesting and gives you more options to work with as well. Testing out the game and leveraging the different features is the best way to get the most from the game. It’s designed to excite and to keep things interesting while giving players a familiar gambling experience they can enjoy overall.

Just a Single Payline

The game features only a single payline down the center of the three reels just like most traditional classic slots. There is no way to turn up the number of paylines, but it’s still possible to come away with an impressive prize payout while playing this slot. Wagering is easy with just a single payline as well, and it’s simple to see whether or not you get a win while spinning the reels.

Limited Wagering Options

As a classic slot game, the wagering options are pretty limited. There is only way to adjust the wager amount up or down, and that’s by using the Bet “+” and “-“ symbols. Press those buttons to raise or lower your total wager amount. It’s possible to wager a minimum of $0.25 per spin and a maximum of $2.50 per spin using these buttons to make adjustments. After choosing the amount that you prefer to wager you can spin the reels to try and win. The hold feature also adjusts the wager amount down to lower levels depending on what you want to hold. Choose a spot to hold and you’ll lower your wager by multiplying by the amount listed on the reel. This effects stacks with the multipliers on each of the different reels if you plan to hold two of them in position.

A Small Paytable

The paytable is pretty basic and set up for new players ot understand immediately. It’s listed ot the right of the reels and shows off that getting three of the 777 symbols is the best way to unlock a prize payout and that doing so is worth 100 coins. BAR symbols make up the rest of the decent paying prizes, so you really only have two symbols to watch out for as you spin the reels. The slot is simple to play thanks to these pay tables, and that means that you can start wagering online within minutes while knowing exactly what is going on. The setup makes it simple to drop in and start playing, and to decide if the slot is worth playing or not as well.

No Bonus Round

There is no special bonus round in this slot game. Instead, you just have the basic functionality of the slot to play through. The hold feature keeps the game interesting and gives you options to work with, but if you are searching for a slot with lots of bonus features and different options to choose from, you will be disappointed by what this one has to offer you. You’ll just be spinning the reels trying to unlock prizes within the paytable and nothing more.

No Free Spins

There is no special free spin feature in 777 Slot. The game doesn’t offer free spins or bonuses in general, but does give players a chance at some decent prize payouts. There’s also a jackpot that can be triggered by getting three of the special game symbols. Overall, there are few bonuses to worry about with this game and you will pay for every spin that you go through.

An Excellent RTP

With an RTP of greater than 97% it’s simple getting winnings from the slot game while playing online. The game offers good solid prize payouts and many players walk away with more than what they started with after a short play session.

Our Rating of the Slot

We give the slot game a 3.8 out of 5.0 stars for offering a decent blend of prizes, for looking nice and for being simple to play while offering the unique Hold feature. The slot can be a bit dull with enough play time though, and the pay table is a bit limited compared to what’s given out by other slots. These limitations hold the slot back and keep it from being overly exciting in the process, but it still has some real potential.

Big Jackpot Winners

There are plenty of people that come away with good wins while playing at 777 Slot, but the best wins all come from the jackpot payout offered by the casino. The game will pay out thousands if you’re fortunate enough to trigger the jackpot. It can be unlocked by getting three of the checkered game symbols. Get those symbols in a row and you’ll walk away with a very exciting slot payout in the process. The jackpot amount goes up over time and become a nice payout.

Enjoy Fun Play Mode

It’s possible to play this slot without spending any real money in the process. To do this you must visit the slot at a current casino and click on the game. The slot will load up in demo mode automatically, and you don’t even have to sign in to unlock the game.

Real Money Wagering is Simple

When you’re ready to wager using real money you can do so simply at one of the casinos that offers the slot game. Visit the casino, sign up for an account and make your initial real money deposit into the site. After you do those things, you can start wagering for real money. Simply sign into your account and click on the slot game. Choose the real money amount that you want to wager and start playing immediately after. It’s simple to go through this process and within minutes you can start playing for real money.

Solid Mobile Support

There’s no reason to be limited to playing slots at home when playing 777 slot. This game is fully portable and can be enjoyed from anywhere if you load it using a smartphone or tablet. That’s because the slot will load up right in your mobile web browser from anywhere. It’s quick and convenient and makes wagering more convenient than ever.

777 is a pretty standard looking classic slot game that doesn’t stand out in too many ways other than its hold feature and the exciting jackpot payout. If you’re searching for a pretty simple slot, that still gives you some features to look forward to, you might enjoy what this game has to offer. If you like lots of special features, or massive prize payouts, you’ll want to look for different games instead, because there are better options out there.