Scuba Fishing Slots

Fishing will never be the same after you’ve tried out Scuba Fishing the online slot game. This unique slot blends together characteristics from classic slot games and video slots, to make an exciting hybrid. The slot itself is setup like a classic slot with three reels and simple mechanics, but it does add in a few special features to spice things up. We were very interested in the slot when we sat down to test it out, and that’s why we did a full review of the game below.

Easy Betting with Fixed Lines

Betting is quick and easy when you play Scuba Fishing, because the slot is designed for simplicity. There is a set of fixed paylines that you can’t adjust or even really see. Instead, you just have a single bar with a plus and minus button to adjust your full wager amount. That’s the only flexibility that you are working with, and it makes the slot game easy to use and very simple to get started with as well. Just tap the buttons, get your wager where you want it and start spinning the reels.

Using the Wilds

The shark symbol is the wild in Scuba Fishing and is the tool that you’ll be most excited to make use of. It appears on various reels and shows up stacked. This wild can take up the full center reel, and when that happens it’s cause for celebration. A full middle reel of shark wilds will result in all sorts of prize payouts because it triggers a re-spin feature. The middle reel is held in place while the other reels spin, giving you some interesting prize-winning combinations to unlock. You’ll win from this special feature frequently.

Winning Big

It’s possible to win some really nice prize payouts from Scuba Fishing if you are lucky enough. The biggest payout is worth 7,500 times your line wager amount. That can be a good sized payout if you have a large wager in place, and makes the game well worth playing. Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to unlock the top payout for this slot game, there are some other prize payouts that you have to look forward to as well. This slot offers decent enough wins to warrant testing it out once or twice.

There is an Autospin Feature

Autospin is the feature that you’ll be relying on to help you get through more rounds of the slot game without having to press the spin button over and over again. If you are interested in going through dozens or even hundreds of rounds, you can do so with the simple autospin button. Just press the button once and you’ll be able to enjoy this convenience feature.

Anyone Can Play

There is a lot going for Scuba Fishing that other classic slot games don’t have to offer. It comes packed with exciting features like the stacked wilds and the free spin bonus, and this keeps the game more dynamic and exciting. It also offers some sizeable win opportunities that you simply can’t get from other slot games in the same category. For those reasons, and the very nice graphics that this slot game has to offer, it’s worth playing at least once.