Super Diamond Mine Slots

Super Diamond Mine Slots is a colorful and simple slots game that has five reels and nine paylines. Players may try out the game in the fun mode before placing real money bets and they can choose to place one, two, three, four or five coins per spin. The maximum bet possible is $45 and players may choose less depending on the coin size they have chosen. Symbols in the game all relate to the mining experience and include a mine entrance, dynamite, single bars, double bars, triple bars and diamonds. This game also includes a progressive jackpot.

The Generous Diamond Encrusted Bonus Options

The progressive jackpot can only be won when the player has placed a maximum five coin bet. In order to win the progressive jackpot the player needs to line up five of the mine entrance symbols on a payline. Four award the player 4000 coins, three award the player 3000 coins, two award the player 2000 coins and one awards the player 1000 coins as long as a five coin bet has been placed. There is an extra bonus game in this colorful simple slots games that sees diamonds cascading across the screen. Depending on the direction the diamond is pointing it will move in that direction and create more diamonds on the screen. Players collect the diamonds and when 99 have been accumulated the player wins a chance to explorer the mines with his chosen miner. Depending on what the player finds, he can win up to 4950 coins in this bonus game. This is a cute and simple games to play that will surprise players with its bonus payouts.