Will the Lucky Lightnin’ Be With You?

Every slot game is looking to be that little bit different. So what sets Lucky Lightnin’ apart from the rest?

Well, this game from Real Time Gaming has quite a large paytable, especially considering how compact the game itself is. The screen features lightning bolts to either side of the screen, and hopefully it will feature some impressive wins for you as well.

What’s the situation with reels and paylines?

There are three reels in this game and you will find just the one payline – keeping everything nice and simple.

Does Lucky Lightnin’ allow decent bet amounts?

You can choose between five cents and $5 as your coin value, and you have a chance to play between one and three coins on the line. You should consider playing all three though, as this gives you a chance to win bigger amounts on each winning combination. It also enables you to have a shot at winning the progressive jackpot. This is the top prize for getting three red 7s on the line while playing a 3-coin bet.

Are there special symbols to try and get on the reels?

Three blank spaces will win you a prize, but you will get something for at least one cherry, too. Other symbols include other fruits and bar symbols too. Check out the pay table to see all the symbols, or simply play it to see what is there.

The red 7 is the best symbol to get, and three in a line will win you the top prize for your coin bet. For one coin this would be 800 coins, and a two-coin bet with this outcome would return 1,600 coins. As you can see, it’s worth trying for the progressive prize if you can.

Does the game have a bonus round?

No – RTG has kept things simple here with no bonus included.

Download and play Lucky Lightnin’ online now!

The game really makes you feel as though you are sitting in front of a screen in a casino. While that isn’t true, you do have the chance to try and get some good prizes. You can see the coins played, credits, and winner paid options in the bottom-right corner.

It’s easy to see where the payline is, and Lucky Lightnin’ may just strike it lucky for you when you play. Why not have a shot at it now and see whether lightning would strike in the right place for you?